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Conference Call Agenda Templates For Any Meeting Type

Kurt Birkenhagen April 18, 2017

Who Needs a Meeting Agenda?

Every successful conference call starts with a meeting agenda.

  • Before the call, the agenda tells participants what they need to prepare.
  • During the call, the agenda keeps discussions on-topic and on-time.
  • After the call, the agenda is a reference, documenting decisions and assignments.

A good agenda does more than just list items—it drives effective action. Here are some of the best agendas we’ve found.

Becoming Skilled at Conference Call Conversations

Jamie Davidson April 2, 2017

Conversing is like ballroom dancing. You can’t do it alone, and to do it well, you need to accommodate your partner gracefully. When you’re on a conference call with a bunch of folks or participating in an online meeting, these conversation skills are that much more critical.

How to improve your conversation skills 1. Obey the two-minute rule

Conferencing conversation skill numero uno. Never speak longer than two minutes.