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Spread Your Message at Events Using Collaboration Tools

Jamie Davidson September 27, 2016

Share your next event with conference calling and screen sharing tools

Hosting a workshop? Attending a conference? Organizing a social gathering?

Event marketing continues to be an extremely popular marketing tactic – and for good reason. Many B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy because the promotion helps to increase brand awareness while also fostering important personal relationships.

“Event marketing is no longer about creating sales pitch opportunities.

How to Run Conference Call Question & Answer Sessions

Jamie Davidson September 20, 2016

Many important conference calls are most successful with a question and answer session at the end of the presentation. This provides the opportunity for meeting attendees to expand upon ideas that were delivered by the call host or presenters. As well as, inquire about any content that wasn’t fully explained or covered.

However, a Q&A session is not a free for all. Make sure you’re prepared to take questions in an orderly fashion that benefits your participants.

How to Work Webinars into Your Marketing Mix

Jamie Davidson September 13, 2016

A webinar isn’t just a one-trick pony. There is a multitude of webinar formats that you can use to effectively reach your target audiences. If you’d like a primer on what a webinar is, check out our accompanying post.

“This channel delivers a high return on a relatively low investment…webinars effectively influence decision makers in organizations that make big-ticket purchases. In fact, 75% of these executives attend at least one webinar a month and 77% said webinars have influenced their decision to consider a vendor.”

Differences Between VoIP, Landline, and Cell Phone Calls

Jamie Davidson September 6, 2016

Telephone calls aren’t dead, but they are changing. Each calling option has its pros and cons. Read on for our simple guide to the difference between landline, cell, and VoIP calls. Learn which option is best for every situation.

Landline Calls

Landline calls are a great option for most call situations. While you need a phone and landline telephone service to complete the call, landline calls are reliable and high-quality.