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4 Ways to Shorten the Buyer’s Journey and Create a New Customer

Jamie Davidson August 30, 2016

The sooner a prospect becomes a customer, the better. And the longer that customer stays with your company, the better. What can you do to shorten the buyer’s journey, increase customer satisfaction, extend retention and ultimately boost revenue?

The buyer’s journey typically consists of the Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stages. Marketing, sales, and customer service each have a role in these three stages, but they share the same goal: increase conversion and retention.

The Telephone Revolution: A Communication History Timeline

Jamie Davidson August 16, 2016

In less than 150 years, communication has progressed from telegrams to text messages. It’s hard to imagine what our engineering forebears, Samuel Morse (the telegram) or Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone) would make of instant messaging and seamless video conferencing across any timezone.

Today’s reaching someone across the world in a matter of seconds is an expectation. But, not so long ago, this immediate communication was just a pipe dream. Where did instant voice communicationbegin and where is it going?

Where to Find Remote Work

Jamie Davidson August 9, 2016

Remote jobs are increasingly common and they are becoming easier to find. Many companies now offer full- or part-time remote working options. And, hiring remote workers via video conference is mainstream. Remote work can be especially great for parents, caregivers, freelancers, or wanderers.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into telecommuting, where should you look? Here are some of the top resources for finding trusted remote jobs online.

Top Online Resources for Finding Remote Jobs Flex Jobs

FlexJobs is the leading remote job source on the web.

Steps to Improve Your Conference Calls

Jamie Davidson August 2, 2016

Dreading your next conference call? Do your meetings always feel chaotic? Are they unorganized? Does it feel like no one is in charge or is paying attention?

You can increase meeting success while decreasing stress by spending a bit of time before and on your call more efficiently. This way, your colleagues and clients are more likely to find value in the call, engage more intently and attend your meetings more frequently.