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Keeping Congregations Connected: Religious Services and Prayer Group Conference Calls

Jamie Davidson May 31, 2016

As a leader of a worship group, you do what you can to keep your congregation involved and engaged in religious activities. Have you considered hosting conference calls for those members who are not able to attend services in person? Conference calls can help bring together a daily or weekly prayer group regardless of location. Further, you can record and share your call with others at a later time. And, with conference calling and recording,

Ways to Host a Great Webinar

Jamie Davidson May 24, 2016

Learn To Run A Successful Webinar

There are basic elements that are essential for any successful webinar, regardless of the topic. But how can you elevate your webinar from solid to fantastic? What’s the secret sauce that makes some webinars stand out from the rest?

Be yourself!

We’ve all been to good and bad webinars – and you know the difference. There is nothing more engaging than someone who comes out swinging with an authentic voice.

The Simple Mechanics of a Successful Webinar

Jamie Davidson May 17, 2016

We’ve already discussed why webinars are a useful lead generation tool, but we haven’t talked about what makes a good webinar – one that will actually generate the results you need.

It’s one thing for your audience to read an interesting guide, it’s another for them to hear the information live from the person who created it. That’s why webinars can be so useful in building your business: they help potential customers get to know you and your expertise,

Webinar Marketing Makes an Impact on Lead Generation

Jamie Davidson May 10, 2016

You’ve probably listened in to a webinar or two – but have you hosted one? Hosting your own webinars can be a fantastic way to reach new leads online and bolster relationships with existing customers. Webinar marketing can help you provide useful information to your audience, establish your authority in your field, and showcase your personality. You can host a webinar on almost any topic – as long as it is relevant and provides value to your audience.