December 2012 3

Creating Conference Call Bridge Numbers

December 28, 2012

When a client says, “I’d like to have another conference line,” what they need is another conference call bridge number. A conference bridge number is the access code used to join your particular conference call.  With multiple conference bridges available in your account, concurrent conference calls can be run by different hosts.

Why Have More Conference Bridge Lines?

Why would you generate a new conference bridge in your account? Starting off a meeting well is integral to long-term success.

Branded Conference Call

December 10, 2012

Custom Branding on Conference Calls

“You never get a second chance at making a good first impression”

A great way to make a good first impression on your conference attendees is by welcoming them with your own personalized conference call greeting or company name. This not only gives your attendees peace of mind, letting them know they’ve reached the right place, but it also helps your company stick out among the rest of the pack,

Hosting Large Conference Calls

December 3, 2012

Manage Big Conference Calls With Confidence

Whether it’s the first large conference call or your 50th, it’s normal to feel some nervousness leading up to the meeting. Big conference calls usually mean important events. If it’s your responsibility to make them run smoothly, it’s best you do everything you can to ensure success.

Simplify Your Event

Large audio conference calls aren’t difficult to manage, but you do need to prepare for the meeting in advance.