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10 Ways to Convert Conference Calls into Killer Content


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The fist pump is defined in the Oxford Dictionaries as “a gesture of triumph or affirmation in which the forearm is raised with fist clenched, then swung downward toward the body in a vigorous pumping motion.”

If you’re not already acquainted with the glorious fist pump, prepare yourself.

Once you know how to turn audio recordings of conference calls into powerful, lead-boosting, sales-rocketing marketing collateral, you’re going to be fist pumping on a regular basis.

Converting recorded interviews, canned presentations and conversations with industry leaders into blog posts, podcasts, and other formats doubles conference call productivity and adds to a diverse mix of valuable content to attract and convert prospects.

Here are 10 ways to convert your audio recordings into content your target audience will love:

1) Start a podcast.
Ever dreamt of having your own radio show? Podcasting makes it possible.

Transform brainstorming audio conferences into podcast material, complete with a company-branded jingle at the start of each episode. Invite listeners to download or stream the podcast on your website, blog or iTunes and pair episodes with blog posts describing what listeners can expect to take away from it. Heck, why not also follow up each podcast episode with a Twitter discussion for user comments and questions?

With so many ways to share, promote and expand upon, podcasts are content marketing gifts that just keep giving.

2) Craft blog posts.
Let conversations amongst colleagues and clients inspire you. Use industry news, points-of-view, and ideas discussed during discussions as fodder for fresh blog material.

Publish your blog posts with the recordings to enrich the details of each piece and provide an option for auditory learners.

3) Give email marketing a voice.
Imagine an email message that speaks to the recipient. Now that’s how you build trust with prospective customers online.

With audio files integrated into your targeted email marketing campaigns, you can share product or service information with prospects in a totally innovative way.

4) Enhance your FAQ section.
The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your company website gets more attention than you might think. As Kissmetrics Blog contributor Jason Shah says in an article about stepping up your FAQ page game, it “represents one of the most valuable moments in a conversion funnel.” Does yours make an effective impact?

Add clarity and depth to this section of your website with audio bites from real conversations with customers. You can also add product/service explanations and instructions discussed during conference calls.

5) Create SlideShare webinars.
If you haven’t discovered SlideShare yet, you’re about to have your mind blown.

SlideShare is a presentation-sharing web platform that lets users sync mp3 audio with slides to create webinars. It’s used by millions of organizations, including the United Nations and IBM. And best of all, SlideShare content has the potential to spread virally and connect hoards of targeted users with brands.

Harness this powerful resource by crafting slide decks to accompany audio recordings from teleconference presentations. SlideShare makes it easy to upload files (including PowerPoint documents) and pull together comprehensive slides, fast. Once completed, share your SlideCast (slides/mp3 mashup) across social media platforms and your website.

6) Add to video for YouTube.
You don’t need a Gangnam-style budget to reap the benefits of YouTube. If your teleconference conversations ever veer into explanation territory, where ideas and concepts are discussed in a comprehensive way, hit record. You might have valuable YouTube content right there!

Pair your audio recording with a simple branded background, a slideshow of relevant images, or anything you can generate visually to accompany the recording. For an extra SEO boost, add the audio transcript to the video so when users search with your keywords, your video appears in the top ranks.

7) Put the spotlight on industry leaders and CEOs.
It’s not everyday your customers have the opportunity to hear from the bigwigs behind your product or service. Share your company’s expertise with a backstage pass to conference calls and interviews. Do it with an audio recording.

Promote this content as part of a podcast episode, or develop an interactive social media or blog series where customers can engage with questions and feedback for the interviewee.

8) Offer exclusive content.
If you want to accelerate your email list, offer exclusive audio content as an incentive for prospects to provide their contact information.

Consider the kinds of “behind-the-scenes” knowledge about your company revealed during conference calls and presentations. Use your discretion (and the permission of everyone present during the call) to record and edit chunks of audio that provide desirable insights for your customers.

Craft targeted landing pages to compel users to sign up for access to these recordings. Now sit back and watch your email list skyrocket.

9) Build hype for upcoming products or services.
Give your target audience a rich yet brief taste of what’s to come. Whether it’s a new product line or industry event, it’s all the more buzz-worthy when you offer sneak peeks with audio recordings.

Edit clips from canned presentations and leak small bites out across social media platforms such as Twitter Vine and Facebook.

10) Develop rich case studies.
The case study is a powerful form of social proof, but when you add audio recordings to the mix, it’s downright unstoppable.

To prepare your content marketing mix for convincing case studies, start recording conversations with clients whose experience with your company is memorably positive.

While crafting a case study about a client experience, review your recordings for moments of dialogue that illustrate or confirm your quality of service.

Adding audio to case studies and other forms of content marketing engages auditory learning preferences and contributes to a diverse marketing mix. And when it’s as easy as recording a conference call, you’ve got nothing holding you back from generating more leads online with compelling, valuable content.

Peter Doan is Vast Conference's customer service lead and dedicated account manager. With 10-plus years of experience, he's a customer service superstar and a regular contributor here.

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