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These are supported countries for international conference call access with our reservationless conferencing service. Attendees can use the local access number where available or join the conference call via a toll-free dial-in.

Worldwide Access - Over 60 Countries

Your international participants have a few options for joining conference calls. You can give callers a toll-free conference call number and pick up their costs entirely or give them a local geographic number where each can dial their own country specific numbers. The choice is yours – mix and match as needed for each of your callers, in any situation.

Conferencing List of All Countries and Rates.

international conference calling

Local In-Country Numbers

Local geographic numbers are a great compromise for most clients. Callers can dial a local country specific number that's not toll-free but isn't calling overseas either. We're currently up and running with 21 countries and adding more as needed.

Toll-Free International Access Numbers

Currently offering toll-free conference call numbers in over 60 countries, your participants can join a call from almost anywhere they reside or their travels take them. International conference participants will dial a country specific number and enter the same conference code as US callers. Of course, the toll-free international conference lines are at no cost to the caller for participating. Review all the countries and rates here.

International Services Require Activation

International conference numbers need to be turned on by the account holder. To request international services be turned on, please contact our support team. Service will be available within 24 hours of your request. This is not available on trial accounts. If you have any questions about our international conferencing service, please contact us.

Sample Country List Local Access Toll-Free Access
Australia Australia 13¢
Brazil Brazil 18¢
Canada Canada
China China 12¢ 29¢
France France 13¢
Germany Germany 13¢
Hong Kong Hong Kong 13¢
Italy India 18¢ 27¢
Japan Japan 43¢
Mexico Mexico 22¢
Netherlands Netherlands 16¢
New Zealand New Zealand 13¢
Poland Poland 16¢
Singapore Singapore 12¢
Spain Spain 23¢
Sweden Sweden 16¢
Switzerland Switzerland 13¢
United Kingdom United Kingdom 13¢
United States United States
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